I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

January 2015 Shipment

Niigata 1708 <br>19"-20" Tancho Kohaku <br>$1000/each
Sold: A,B
Niigata 1709 <br>17"-18" Mix Variety <br>$800/each
Sold: B,C
Niigata 1710 <br>16"-17" Mix Variety <br>$700/each
Sold: C
Niigata 1711 <br>15"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500/each
Sold: A,B,C,D,E
Niigata 1712 <br>15"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500/each
Sold: C,F
Niigata 1713 <br>15"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500/each
Sold: A,C,D
Niigata 1714 <br>15"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500/each
Sold: A,B
Niigata 1715 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450/each
Sold: A,C,D,E,F
Niigata 1716 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450/each
Sold: C,E
Niigata 1717 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450/eachNiigata 1718 <br>20" Tancho Kohaku <br>$3500Niigata 1719 <br>20"-21" Tancho Kohaku <br>$3500
Niigata 1720 <br>23" Ginrin Kohaku <br>$3800
Niigata 1721 <br>20"-21" Inazuma Kohaku <br>$2800
Niigata 1722 <br>19"-20" Showa <br>$3200
Niigata 1723 <br>21"-22" Kohaku <br>$2000
Niigata 1724 <br>20"-21" Kohaku <br>$2400Niigata 1725 <br>19"-20" Showa <br>$1800
Niigata 1726 <br>18"-19" Showa <br>$1800
Niigata 1727 <br>19"-20" Showa <br>$2400
Niigata 1728 <br>19"-20" Hi Showa <br>$2600
Niigata 1729 <br>18"-19" Showa <br>$1800Niigata 1730 <br>21"-22" Kohaku <br>$2400Niigata 1731 <br>21"-22" Kohaku <br>$2400
Niigata 1732 <br>20" Kohaku <br>$1900
Niigata 1733 <br>19"-20" Kohaku <br>$1800Niigata 1734<br>18"-19" Showa <br>$2400
Niigata 1735<br>18"-19" Showa <br>$1800Niigata 1736<br>19"-20" Kohaku <br>$2200
Niigata 1737 <br>19”-20” Shiro Utsuri<br>$1400
Niigata 1738 <br>20” Shiro Utsuri<br>$1400Niigata 1739 <br>19"-20” Shiro Utsuri<br>$1400
Niigata 1740 <br>12"-17” Mix Variety<br>$450-$600/each
Sold: A,C,F
Niigata 1741 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/each
Sold: A,B,C
Niigata 1742 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/each
Sold: G
Niigata 1743 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/each
Sold: C,D
Niigata 1744 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/eachNiigata 1745 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/eachNiigata 1746 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/each
Niigata 1747 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>450/each
Sold: G
Niigata 1748 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>450/eachNiigata 1749 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/each
Niigata 1750 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$500/eachNiigata 1751 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$450-$500/each
Sold: B,F
Niigata 1752 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$400-$500/each
Sold: G
Niigata 1753 <br>23" Doitsu Kujaku<br>$3600
Niigata 1754 <br>23" Beni Kikokuryu<br>N/ANiigata 1755 <br>24" Ki Utsuri<br>$3800
Niigata 1756 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$450-$500/eachNiigata 1757 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$400/each
Sold: A,E
Niigata 1758 <br>17” Ginrin Midorigoi<br>$650/each
Niigata 1759 <br>14"-16” Mix Variety<br>$450-$500/each
Sold: A,D
Niigata 1760 <br>13"-15” Mix Variety<br>$450-$500/each
Sold: A,B,C,D,E
Niigata 1761 <br>4"-7” Mix Variety
Niigata 1762 <br>4"-7” Mix VarietyNiigata 1763 <br>4"-7” Mix VarietyNiigata 1764 <br>4"-7” Mix Variety
Niigata 1765 <br>4"-7” Mix VarietyNiigata 1766 <br>4"-7” Mix VarietyNiigata 1767 <br>4"-7” Mix Variety
Niigata 1768 <br> 6"-8" Mix Variety <br> Sample Picture(300 pcs)Niigata 1769 <br> 5"-7" Goromo <br> Sample Picture(200 pcs)

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16"-17" Asagi - mk3671
16"-17" Asagi - mk3671
Regular price: $700.00

Koi Health Care Kit Medications and Treatments
Koi Health Care Kit Medications and Treatments
Regular price: $119.99

TERMINATE®  1 Gallon
Regular price: $49.99

Microbe-LIft PL 1Gallon
Microbe-LIft PL 1Gallon
Regular price: $64.99

Hai Feng Quick Grow <br> 5 Kg (11 Lb.)
Hai Feng Quick Grow
5 Kg (11 Lb.)

Regular price: $34.99

Aqua MedZyme 32 oz.
Aqua MedZyme 32 oz.
Regular price: $39.99

KoiMedic Salt Meter
KoiMedic Salt Meter
Regular price: $79.95

Koi Health & Disease 2006<br><font size="1" face="Verdana"><h7> By Dr. Erik Johnson </font>
Koi Health & Disease 2006
By Dr. Erik Johnson

Regular price: $39.95

AlgaeFix 64 oz.
AlgaeFix 64 oz.
Regular price: $44.00